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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Services in this Dept.
•  Trend Board Services
•  Product Brainstorms
•  Concept Sketches
•  Presentation Art
•  Licensed Character Art
•  Character Design
•  Concept B-Sheets
•  Fashion Illustration
•  Product Styling
•  3D Product Concept Renderings
•  Product Design

ASaP Team Members able to deliver Concept Sketches:
•  ASaP Project Coordinator
•  Wendy All
•  Barbara Cocks
•  Graham Halky
•  Mark Langenbacher
•  Nina May
•  Sudi McCollum
•  MaryJane Mitchell
•  Oscar Moreno
•  Chris Peterson
•  Michael Schupbach
•  Len Smith
•  Wendy Wessel
•  David Edward Byrd
•  Emilie Kong
•  Carl Tenbrink
•  Peter Green

Concept Sketches

After a serious brainstorm you’ll welcome the sunshine of a beautiful concept sketch. This is an area where ASaP has a plethora of expertise. Rough & loose or tight & defined, we can make your idea come alive in black & white or full color. Good concept sketches help a creative director or entrepreneur refine their product in the most efficacious manner. Excellent visuals always elicit the most fruitful feedback. Check out samples below of our concept sketches or contact your ASaP Client Assistant to locate the perfect Concept Artist to enhance your project.

Package Deals for Concept Sketches:
No package deals currently available for Concept Sketches.

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Portfolio samples of Concept Sketches:
14 Concept: Dish Design 1 / Sudi McCollum   16 Concept: Dish Design 3 / Sudi McCollum   17 Concept: Dish Design 4 / Sudi McCollum   18 Concept: Dish Design, Autumn Harvest / Sudi McCollum   20 Concept: Dish Design 6 / Sudi McCollum   21 Concept: Dish Design, Easter 1 / Sudi McCollum  
22 Concept: Dish Design, Easter 2 / Sudi McCollum   23 Concept: Dish Design, Easter 3 / Sudi McCollum   3D Rendering: Max / Michael Schupbach   Air Filter Foam Studies / Carl Tenbrink   Bedtime Sabrina / Wendy All   Bewitched / David Edward Byrd  
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